Wellness Nail and Foot Care was developed to combine health and beauty. We are NOT “just another nail salon” and we strive to set ourselves apart from other nail care providers. Our focus is to ensure a safer, cleaner environment by offering waterless services, hospital grade disinfecting of all of our equipment and tools. We will inform, educate and provide a more individualized service for each client’s Nail and Foot Care needs, making your experience a more beneficial alternative to traditional treatments. All of our services are Waterless, which is a comprehensive, non invasive, soakless service that offers a safer and more beneficial treatment for ALL HAND and FOOT TYPES. An E-file is used on all services to not only provide more affective longer lasting results but to also eliminate the use of cuticle pushers and nippers. This is specifically important for Diabetics, Elderly and anyone with special conditions or concerns. GOING WATERLESS prevents the risk of waterborne pathogens, conserves water, maintains moisture in the skin and helps extend polish wear. Our service menu was created to offer specialized treatments and help establish self-care routines. We use FOOTLOGIX, the ONLY Pediceutical Foot Care line that offers a complete range of transformational Foot Care for all Foot types including Diabetics. Our treatments are offered in a private relaxing room to allow for a more personalized experience.

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